Preparing for Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching, we have 8 sleeps to xmas if I have counted correctly, so I have probably miscounted. I have just finished printing my templates for our names on the xmas stockings. Now that Raah is with us, it is time for new, matching stockings.

our old stockings are nice, but trying to match fonts and size might be a struggle, and i can easily whip up 4 new stockings. plain white muslin with red applique names, I am quite excited. It is Raah’s first xmas!

Last night I made shortbread, using the lovely thermomix. I have a delicious recipe from DaddyMopar’s grandmother, which has the measurements in ounces. I regularly make it, and often have a batch frozen for when we need homemade biscuits, but it is a lot quicker that mixing a full batch. The thermomix scales are set to metric, and I didnt see a quick way to change to imperial, so I tried to scale it to metric. I decided to use 50g for every ounce, which would almost double the recipe. I started with the creaming of the butter and icing sugar. Unfortunately I didn’t do the calculations correctly, and ended up doubling the amount of sugar, so I was now making 100g for every ounce. That’s how I ended up making 1.7kg of shortbread dough. The freezer has some, along with the fridge, a big tub to eat now, and a shortbread tree to assemble as well!

I will post a few photo’s later, hopefully the shortbread tree is nice, and the stockings happen, as I often take on projects that never get finished!!

Lots of love,

MummyMopar xxx


A pinch and a punch…

It’s the first day of the month!! I can’t believe it’s December already! Time sure is flying!

Raah (I know I called her Boo, but it just didn’t suit, so I’ve re-named her Raah, as it suits her perfectly!) is almost 6 months. Still fully breastfed, and now we are starting to think about starting solids. It’s likely Santa will bring her a pretty highchair, as the old ikea one we have isn’t supportive enough for my liking. A while back I found a jolly kidz chair on my local Facebook buy swap sell for $30, it’s been great. We are using it as a booster chair for Squeak, she is still very possessive of it. It is similar to a Stokke trip trap, and the mocka chair we are considering for Raah is also similar, but it’s new so has the harness, and tray which we don’t have for Squeak’s chair, as she was too old for them when we bough her chair. Raah sits up at the table with us if she’s awake at dinner time, as I enjoy eating as a family, and I feel we benefit as a family from it. It also helps to encourage me to cook wholesome healthy meals. 

On the topic of wholesome meals, I was hinting in my last post about buying a large kitchen appliance. We finally decided to take the plunge and order a thermomix. We were hoping to have more variety, reduced food costs, less processed foods along with less last minute chaos, as babies want what they need, immediately. I will agree it has added a lot of flexibility and variety, and definitely less processed foods, however I think I will have to properly meal plan, as I can be very impulsive with what I cook for dinner. It’s been almost a month, and there are some dishes that we very much enjoy, like the fried chicken (the spiced flour coating is made in the thermomix) and scalloped potato (cooked in thermomix and then baked in the oven). Most of the time I use it to cook parts of the meal, however I have made the whole meal in it occasionally. I have also made bread a few times, but struggle with the rising and baking part.

Another project I am working on, is new curtains for Squeak’s bedroom. She loves Thomas the tank engine, and about 3 weeks ago we saw some curtain fabric in an op shop (thrift store) so we bought it and I will be making blockout curtains soon. This will mean I can use the drapes in her room in the sewing room, which will mean we have thermal curtains on all the windows, which will help keep the house cool this summer. 

It’s really feeling like things are falling into place, which is really nice. I’l be posting a few list post shortly, favourite cookbooks, current favourite TV shows and the like, as it has been a while and my tastes have changed a bit since my last TV list post. Would you believe I haven’t watched bold and the beautiful for well over a year? There’s just other things on, and it’s just not my thing these days. If you do have any questions, or suggestions for lists, let me know. 

Have a great day!

Lots of love,

MummyMopar xxx


October is almost over!

Can you believe October is almost over? The year is going so quickly! Boo is almost 5 months old, Squeak is 3 and a half, and is out of nappies during the day. We do still have some little accidents but it’s getting better.

We have had some changes in the last few months, DaddyMopar is back working full time, and enjoying it quite well. Squeak is in pre-kinder at the local daycare centre 3 days a week, and is loving it. Her best friend at daycare is still in the toddler room, she misses him a lot so I am hoping he will be is pre-kinder soon. 

My last post a few weeks ago, about what to do about the computer, and what my options are. A few weeks later, our lovely tv in the lounge room stopped working. Then we unplugged it and plugged it back in. A funny noise and a puff of smoke, and we knew it was curtains for the screen. Luckily we had an old CRT telly in the bedroom we could use in the loungeroom. 

I priced up a new tv but couldn’t decide, and about 2 weeks ago eBay had a sale on through the good guys, 20% off if you order through them, so I picked one, ordered it and collected it the next day. It’s a smart tv so the chromecast isn’t needed, and I had found a way to connect an old Philips media box to the CRT tv, so I don’t need to spend money on a game console to watch stuff in the bedroom.

In the next few days I will post about my current knitting projects, and what’s been going on in the kitchen here! I’ve ordered an appliance so I will write about it a lot! 

Lots of fun and adventures are happening here!

Lots of love,

MummyMopar xxxooo


Laptop, desktop, console, tablet?

We had decided a few weeks ago that it was time to start thinking about replacing my laptop. I have had the Asus T100 for almost 2 years now and most of the time it hasn’t been the ideal item. I thought it would be good as it could be used as a tablet, and portable as it’s a 10inch laptop. In real life, the connector between the tablet and detachable keyboard kept connecting then disconnecting which was very annoying. It ran slow doing some tasks, and every time I tried to stream a video off the web onto our chromecast the system locked up. 

We thought we had a bit of time to work out what we want, and do our research. Unfortunately we now have a cracked screen, but it is still usable. It happened because I had left the charging cable plugged into it and sat it on a table. A jacket or two was piled on top. Somehow I grabbed the cord, and pulled the laptop out, landing on the floor, corner first. When I opened it, there was a lovely crack in the corner.

It is as usable as it was, however we do need to replace it. There is now big decisions as I feel I made the wrong decision by picking the transformer tablet, and if I think long and hard, I am crossing the tablet off the list.

So my list of what I need

  • Stream Internet to tv
  • Write blog posts
  • I am considering studying to increase job prospects, so able to be used for study

Although we were leaning towards a laptop, it would cost a lot to make sure the streaming of the Internet would work successfully. I have had a bit of a battle to keep squeak away from the laptop so far, and I’m worried she might damage it if I bought a decent one. We are now seriously leaning towards a used PlayStation 3 as a media centre, and a good desktop to do the rest.

A used PlayStation is under $150 and has a 3 month warranty, and will do the streaming I want. I can run Freeview tv, and streaming services like Netflix, and Stan easily. Also, i think they may play blu-rays, which we can’t do on our current setup. 

By choosing a desktop over a laptop, we should get more for our money, and the ability to repair or replace components if something goes wrong, also it is less likely to be damaged as its not within easy reach of little fingers.

Do you think it’s the best decision

Lots of love,

MummyMopar xxxooo


Welcome Back!!

I stopped blogging a year ago, not for any reason, purely because I lacked time to sit down and write. Working part time along with raising my daughter, and all the bits and pieces of running a household, meant that writing was put on the backburner. I also stopped going to the gym. DaddyMopar was also working hard too.

We made a few big decisions during last year. We decided that DaddyMopar would think about what direction to go in workwise, which meant switching to casual work. We also decided that Squeak might like a brother or sister.

So almost a year to the day from my last blog post, It is time to re-launch the blog. MummyMopar was a crafting and cooking blog, but since my life is currently centred around parenting, I feel the pull towards writing about parenting, family and housekeeping. I don’t have as much time for crafting, since we have an announcement…..

Welcome Boo!!

Boo is our beautiful 9 week old daughter! born the Thursday before Queen’s birthday long weekend. She was born by Caesarean, and weighed in at a lovely 10 pounds!! (4.5kg)

There has certainly been some big changes, so stay on board and join in the new adventures!! Being a mum of two is a big change, and I have had to make some big changes. Also, I am making changes in our household, trying to save money, be frugal, and resourceful. I will share my experiences, anecdotes, and handy hints and tips.

Hope you enjoy the new format and layout, I love the theme and how cute the animals are!!

Lots of love,

MummyMopar xxx




One year of blogging

Today a notification popped up that I started my blog a year ago. I had thought It was aver a year ago, but in my mind I went over all that has happened in the past year. As I write this I am once again Ill, this time with Asthma and Laryngitis, and Squeak is once again ill, She has had a recurring chest infection and possibly Asthma. we are waiting for notification of our appointment at the Childrens Hospital to see a respiratory pediatrician, as our GP is concerned as she is still ill, and has had a bit of a cough for over a year.

With the return to working part-time, I have less time for knitting than I did. I am still loving my knitting, and I still have a big problem with starting a project then pausing halfway to start another project. Hence a beautiful camel-coloured cardigan for Squeak that is langishing on the needles. It is very time-consuming with cables, half-fishermans rib, and a collar. It got put aside for an easy knit of a slash-knit jumper. very easy as the front and back are the same, rib at the bottom, no armhole shaping, then rib at the top and a small amount of shoulder shaping.The only problem is that the yarn is another of those multocolour ones, an apricot mix. It is pooling oddly and I fear it looks loke camouflage fabric.  I have some pretty pastel yarn to do another but put a pattern into it.

Squeak is now a big girl in a single (twin) bed so my Mum offered to crochet a blanket (or maybe two) for her big-girl bed. I am letting Mum decide wether to crochet a wool eater or a chevron blanket. Mum loves crocheting and loves the versatility, and is very quick and makes beautiful blankets. Squeak loves her Gran blankets, and she will be very thrilled by a rainbow blanky.

I will update with the individual projects soon, There are now a few in progress. I have to resist going near my yarn stash, as I have to resist the urge to start a new project. I do also have to shy away from multicolour yarns as well. The only problem is that they look soooo sweet on the shelf. It’s the middle of winter, so we don’t get a lot of time outside, and it’s nice to cuddle up on the couch in the evenings, and knit.

have a great day


MummyMopar xxx



When a failure becomes a scarf…

Greetings, I know I have been absent for a while. I have started back at work part time, Squeak is in daycare 2 days a week so life is a lot more hectic than before.

I have been trying to finish some unfinished projects, as I feel it is becoming time to start fresh, and not have large projects taking up space. I started a blanket long before Squeak was on the way, and I recently dug it out to finish it off, just so I could have it off my to-do list. I feel I have put too much work into it to frog it, but I can’t say that I particularly enjoy working on it.

It is a 4-ply (fingering) baby yarn, I am using Big Baby, made by Patons. The yarn is nice to work with, but I am finding it slow going after working on either 8-ply (Double Knit, DK) or on larger needles. This is on 4mm needles, but the pattern is fiddly so it seems to be the project that never ends. It is also too big to take anywhere, which limits how often I can work on it.

I might of mentioned before that I knitted a bubbles shawl in 8-ply, but accidentally used 5mm needles? The original pattern calls for 4ply on 5.5mm needles, which would possible be ok if I was knitting a  square, but this is knitted flat, and once completed you seam it up to become a circular shawl.

My disaster Shawl, I just wanted to cry. We were trying to work out how to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, working out how to salvage a very off shaped blanket. We discussed knitting a section to be sewn in, which would make it flat, but ultimately, into the cupboard it went, destined to emerge once the disappointment and hurt was gone.


every few weeks a suggestion was made. A scarf was commonly mentioned, and that was the best idea. We frogged the bottom part where I did the increases, and kept the border and edging. Now I have a massive scarf. It is so long that if I just loop it over the back of my neck, it almost reaches the ground on both ends.


I wonder if I have enough yarn to make a blanket like I originally wanted?

Have a great day,

Lots of love,




Today is Anzac Day, Australia’s day of commemoration of military service. In 1915, Australian and New Zealand troops landed on a rocky beach in Turkey, called Gallipoli Cove. You may have heard of the 100th anniversary in the news.

World War 1 (The Great War) was a big deal for our adolescent country. We became a nation in 1901, and the war matured us. We heard stories of Simpson and his donkey, of great mateship, and things that would become ‘the aussie way’

For years Anzac Day, and later in the year, rememberance day, have been held dear in my heart. I love my country, I think it is the most wonderful place. I may be biased as I have never left it’s shores, but I could never imagine living elsewhere. I am humbled by others who volunteer to protect us, in our armed forces.

I had a conversation with my Mum this evening, discussing our family history. Mum mentioned her grandfather had served in the Army in WW2, in New Guinea as a driver. Mum mentioned that her grandfather never spoke of his time in the Army, but she remembers a photo  of him in his uniform that was in her grandparent’s home. I hadn’t known about his military service until today, Pop passed away when I was a child and my great-grandparent’s home was about two hours away so visits weren’t often

I was able to do a quick search on the internet, and find some details of his service. I can request a copy of his service history, but that will take time. I was able to find out some information, such as when he enlisted, when he was discharged, and his rank, and his last posting. I also googled the posting, and his company was sent to qld about the time he enlisted. That company was in New Guinea until the end of the war, less than three months before he was discharged.

With the dates I found, my grandmother would have only been one year old when her Dad joined the army. He was in the army two and a half years. It makes me think of my great-grandmother, raising her daughter. I wonder what life was like during the war?

This morning when I woke up, I knew nothing of my great grandfather’s military service. It makes me wonder how much is lost through the generations, stories about family members, lost in time.

Today I was made more appreciative of our armed forces. For me, it was never this close to home. I was proud of our country, grateful to those whe served, and even more to those families who had made the ultimate sacrifice, whose loved ones never came home. These were all someone else’s stories. The stories I knew were of farmers who looked after our country, those who kept the home fires burning. Today I learned a different story, and I wonder how many stories I am missing, just because I didn’t ask about a family member.

Tonight I am going to sleep wiser, and more curious. I take for granted, on a daily basis, the freedoms the men and women in the military fight for. They have fought for them for over a hundred years. They are still fighting for them. I don’t know how to say thank-you enough to them.

Lest we forget.


Easter, and multiple miffys

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it is easter already! It’s been a big few weeks, but I will go into more details later on, as it is way too much for one post!

I had a plan to knit a Miffy softie for Squeak for her easter pressie. Squeak loves Miffy, I think it might be her favorite show. I saw a beautiful pattern for free on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/miffy-and-her-balloon



It took a while to get motivated, as I like knitting without a lot of shaping, and also I didn’t want Squeak to see it and work out what it was. The pattern was written differently that I am used to, so I made quite a few mistakes which meant I had to knit the head twice. I will need to knit another one the same very soon, as where Squeak is, Miffy must be. A spare is definitely needed. Especially since Miffy is a creamy white, and Miffy already had a chocolatey mark on her, and she is only 2 days old.

We were invited to an easter hunt this afternoon, easter monday. I had looked for a nice easter t-shirt in the shops, but I hadn’t found one I liked. We did have some plain t-shirts she was outgrowing, so I got my collection of scrap fabric, and my heatnbond roll out. I googled Miffy colouring in pages, and found three I liked. I decided that it didn’t matter if they wouldn’t last long term, as it was mainly for easter and if they lasted longer then that would be a bonus.


I am happy with the longsleeve t-shirt, as the face details are the best. In the future I will have to embroider the face after I iron the Miffy on, so you can’t see the shadow of loose ends of embroidery floss.

This was technically a no-sew project, but I have my doubts about the longevity of the Miffys, as the light pink one started to peel off yesterday, the first day of wear. I didn’t take any shortcuts with the iron on adhesive, I am a little disappointed, but Squeak is so close to outgrowing the shirts. I might use this technique of layering fabric to make a cute shopping bag, but I think the background fabric being stretchy might have contributed to the peeling. It might also be good for a quilt,  Imagine how excited Squeak would be if she had a Miffy quilt!

I have been working on finishing some unfinished projects, and bought more yarn. There was a 30% off sale at lincraft so easter bunny bought me 2x100g balls in each of 5 colours, and a pattern book. DaddyMopar is eagerly awaiting a jigsaw puzzle I ordered for him, that we will do together. Isn’t easter great?

Lots of Love,

MummyMopar xxx


Finished ferns and another bubbles

The green fern blanket is finished!! It is all washed and ready to be delivered to the mum-to-be. I had planned to do the moss stitch border all the way around, but trying to pick up the stitches from the cast on edge was extremely difficult, and looked messy. I thought it over, and decided a nice crocheted edge would work nice, but it would have to be nice and wide, and quite ornate and lacy.


Normally I would have made the blanket square, but this one was a lot wider than I would normally do, and once I started I didn’t want to start over. I decided a rectangle would be nice. I think (or hope!) that the crochet edge suits the blanket.


The first row was trebles, the second was treble, chain, treble in every third stitch.

the third row was similar, treble, 3 ch picot, treble, in the chain space below.

I think it finishes the blanket nicely, do you?

Now I have started the next project, yet another bubbles shawl.

Yep, another one. I find them enjoyable, since you use 5.5mm needles, it is nice and lacy. Squeak was swaddled in her bubbles blanket for the first few months, and the pattern is good as it is based on garter stitch, looks good on both sides, and isn’t very complicated to remenber the pattern repeats. Using circular needles makes it a lot easier, I am getting to the stage where I use circulars of everything. I think I am up to about 6 completed bubbles blankets over the years.


There are 17 pattern repeats in the border, and I have completed 10. I could have this finished in a week or two. The border should only take a few days, but the edging can be time consuming. Squeak loves to grab it for a ‘test cuddle’. I think I will need to make something for her next.

I am eyeing off a small project for Squeak for easter, a Miffy! We love Miffy, Squeak calles her ‘mishy’.


I will have to buy more yarn as I don’t have the right colours, but I cannot resist making such a cute creature, and making a toddler very happy!

Have you started thinking about easter?

Lots of love,