Oh Look, someone created a new blog…. how original!!

Yep, I threw my hat over that proverbial fence and created that blog I’ve been threatening to create for years. “It’s time for an adventure, Where should we go??” Yes, I’m quoting my 14 month old daughter’s fisher price talking bear. I would do a lameness poll but that is beyond my capabilities at the moment. I think quite a bit every day, It is an attempt to keep sane through mini tantrums my daughter throws over things like me not letting her play with the ‘fun toys’ like the iphone, my glasses, my keys, the tv remote and Daddy’s car magazines.

 I felt this blog may be good as I’m at a crossroads in my life. I feel I have settled into parenting. Its not a walk in the park, but I’m enjoying each day and rising to the unique challenges of parenting in this day and age, while being a ‘black sheep’; a misfit in the big bad world.

I will probably talk about my dilemmas, my hobbies, and my life. Also will be food. Food is a big component as an adult with severe food allergies, and a drive to reduce additives and processed food. We have recently purchased a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master, and a Philips Air Fryer so they might be discussed frequently.

Please stay tuned, as this might well be an interesting read, I love reading blogs as it is an insight into people’s minds and can be enlightening.

I will post more soon,

lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x

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