Cottons and Socks, maybe a wool-wool?

After running out of thread last night I desperately wanted to get more and continue with Squeak’s quilt. We were also running low on her socks, as most kids take their socks off, and often. I have a collection of odd socks and not many actual pairs. I went into town to go to Lincraft, and Target.

We started at Lincraft as I was not going home without that thread. I have found a pattern I wanted to knit for Squeak, it’s in 4 ply and I have been using 8 ply for the last few months, so I didn’t have any yarn from my stash in mind. Something caught my eye


Yes, 4 ply cotton in a beautiful purple colour. Here is a link to the pattern in Ravelry I have wanted to do, and have just started, as I couldn’t start quilting til later in the evening. In Lincraft Squeak wanted to hold the Wool-Wool as we call it, and looked after a ball for the entire shopping trip. Her eyes light up every time she sees a fresh ball of wool, and loves feeling it, and holding it up to her upper lip under her nose. She also does the same to small remnants of wool as well. She loves her wool-wools.

With the pattern, I am winging it a bit, as I am using 3.25mm needles, instead of the 3mm. Using  cotton will affect the tension as it doesn’t have a lot of stretch, but a lovely drape. I have made a few shawls in cotton before, and Squeak’s favorite blanket is made in cotton, so I love knitting with it. Hopefully my tension won’t be too different from the pattern.

Nice stitch markers eh? I use little pieces of drinking straw every 20 stitches

After we went to Lincraft we went to Target and bought socks. There were 10 packs, so I got 3. Hopefully they won’t all go missing for a few weeks, and as they are the same 10 colours in each pack then I will have less odd socks for a while hopefully. I find socks everywhere.

With the quilt, I now have the bobbins wound and the machine threaded, and I’m on track to have the quilt close to finished by the end of the weekend. The most time consuming task is hand finishing the binding, that could take an evening or two. I hope to be at that stage by the end of the weekend.

As I was quilting this evening, I realised I had made a lot of work for myself by quilting every 2 inches, instead of every 3 inches. It would of looked just as effective, and saved a lot of work. Maybe next time.

Do you find socks everywhere?

lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x

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