Stripey Pullover

Squeak’s persille jumper needs to be blocked, sewn up, and the neckband knitted. I haven’t felt up to doing it, so I have been looking for my next project. I spent a few days at loose end, between projects. That is not a good thing. Finally decided something plain would be nice. I have knitted it before, but I loooovvve the V-neck, and no buttons or zips!!!!


It looks really good in a nice colour, I don’t think the orange does it justice.


I love the teal colour, but I knitted a size 2, and its a bit big. I will knit a size 1. The stripe is a Kmart homebrand yarn, similar to patons big baby, so hopefully it wears well. The teal is a lincraft own brand, and I wish it was wearing a bit better, it is a bit ball-y.

Recently Updated1

I found this 8-ply self stripe yarn in my stash, and thought it might be nice. Now that I’ve started I have a few qualms, but it could work out good. I have started to do it in one piece, on a circular needle (my favorite). My piece is 142 stitches. The stripes are almost perfect, with oly about 1-5 stitches overlapping per round. I am not sure if I want to continue this way, as when it’s time for armhole shaping, the stripes will go haywire if I don’t make some modifications. I’m thinking after the rib, I will work the front and back seperately or it will be too messy. I didn’t think of these things before I cast on, but I want it to look good.

You may be asking why I knit a lot of jumpers. I have always wanted Squeak to have pretty clothes, and I love the hand-made look of knitwear. I don’t want her to grow up too fast, and some clothes look too grown up.

I prefer 8-ply as it is quicker to knit, and has more colour options. In Australia, we mainly have 4-ply (fingering), 5-ply (sport) and 8-ply (DK). It is really hard to get 10-ply (worsted or aran). I’m led to believe 10-ply is very popular in the US, as a lot of pattern books from my local library have mainly 10-ply patterns. I tried to find some yarn recently, and in Lincraft (a craft store chain) online had one option in 10-ply. It was rainbow variegated. Bendigo Woolen Mills also had 10-ply, but only in a handful of colours, not the full range that 4 & 8-ply have.

Random Fact: I have never knitted anything that I can wear myself!! I didn’t knit oten before I had Squeak, as I preferred crochet. But a little knitted baby jacket is the cutest thing ever!!

Do you like to knit with self-stripe?

Lots of love,


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