Pressure cooker, number two!

I already own a stovetop pressure cooker, but I have been wanting an electric one for quite a while. We bought one for a family member at christmas, and I have wanted one since. It will also slow cook, and cook rice. I love the idea of replacing our 2 slow cookers, and the rice cooker with the one appliance. I can’t part with my pressure cooker. I use it to steam puddings at christmas, among other numerous uses. Now I will be able to steam two puddings at once. Don’t laugh, I usually make three or four. Pudding is better than christmas cake, and I have DaddyMopar’s Nan’s secret recipe, and I made the pudding for the family celebration last year. It’s quicker to steam in the pressure cooker than to steam in a big saucepan. Also, I’m in Australia, so christmas is in summer, steaming a pudding for 1 hour in a pressure cooker makes a lot less mess and heat than a big, steaming saucepan on a hot, hot summer day.

On sunday we had to go to the hardware shop to buy parts to extend a babygate for our hallway, as we forgot to measure the distance, and took a guess. We had to buy extenders to make it wider, so I asked DaddyMopar about an electric multicooker, as they are advertised. At christmas there was 3 or 4 different brands, but when I went into Target, they only had the Ronson.

My Aunt bought a multicooker off an online store, and loves hers. I hear all about desserts, risottos, and other tasty meals she creates. I wanted one!

It will take a bit to get used to, but I love how it doesnt require as much attention as a stovetop model, where you have to make sure the heat isn’t to high, or low, and also setting the oven timer. I have to be prepared to drop what I’m doing if Squeak needs me, and I think appliances that turn themselves off is a good start.

I have cooked a casserole in it, and am very happy. I am considering cooking a potroast in it tomorrow night. I also wonder if I should cook a dessert in it as well?

I wonder if I can give away the rice cooker yet?

Lots of love,


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