I Hate Shopping!!

I don’t like shopping. I don’t like crowds, or shop assistants, or finding what shop has the best price.

I am going to have to go shopping. This weekend, maybe even tomorrow. My trusty faithful 5 year-old Asus laptop is beyond the blink. It will only run on the charging cable, and if you unplug it, it switches off. The other problem is that the charging plug is a bit loose where it plugs in the laptop, so any sudden moves and it switches off. Now add in that during startup you have to hold the plug in where it plugs in at a precise angle, or it switches off, and can’t be switched on for about an hour, and it’s very frustrating.

I HAVE to go shopping, for my sanity. I don’t have a desktop pc, only an iphone. So I think I’m getting an Asus T100 transformer. It looks like it will do what I need it to do, and should work well enough if I decide to go back to studying. It runs full windows, and has a detatchable keyboard. A mini laptop that can be a tablet!

I will update soon enough about the knitting machine, how wonderful it is, and how lucky it is that there are youtube tutorials, as I spent 3 days trying to get it to knit, and this was after an hour-long lesson. The E-wrap cast on is very difficult.

I will likely be making flannellette pyjamas for Squeak in the next few days. It is spring in Australia, and Squeak just outgrew her size 1 stretch suits, and she doesnt like wearing them, it’s easier to switch to pyjamas, but I can only find one shop that sells them, and only 3 colours, so I am seriously considering making some. If I buy a pattern then I can make all different sizes as she needs them. I can make them with the fabric I want to use, and avoid overpriced TV tie-in merchandise.

In other news, Squeak has given up bottles, on monday morning I offered her morning bottle, and she refused, I offered the milk in a sippy cup and she accepted. So I am packing up most of the bottles, and now I have to source a few more sippy cups. I have tried the local supermarkets, but they don’t have the sippys she likes. They are cheap ‘take and toss’ and cost only a few dollars for 6 of them. They won’t last forever, but it isn’t a big deal if they go missing, or get left somewhere, as they are so inexpensive to replace.

Squeak is also cutting another tooth, so we have some very odd sleeping patterns lately. We finally felt the tooth this afternoon, and it was a relief to know that it is a tooth, and there is a reason she has been irritable, and she hasnt been sleeping as well as normal, lots of tossing and turning. It is really hard to not be able to fix everything for her, I hate to see her unhappy and in discomfort.

I better get to bed, it is waaay to late.

Lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x

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