When a failure becomes a scarf…

Greetings, I know I have been absent for a while. I have started back at work part time, Squeak is in daycare 2 days a week so life is a lot more hectic than before.

I have been trying to finish some unfinished projects, as I feel it is becoming time to start fresh, and not have large projects taking up space. I started a blanket long before Squeak was on the way, and I recently dug it out to finish it off, just so I could have it off my to-do list. I feel I have put too much work into it to frog it, but I can’t say that I particularly enjoy working on it.

It is a 4-ply (fingering) baby yarn, I am using Big Baby, made by Patons. The yarn is nice to work with, but I am finding it slow going after working on either 8-ply (Double Knit, DK) or on larger needles. This is on 4mm needles, but the pattern is fiddly so it seems to be the project that never ends. It is also too big to take anywhere, which limits how often I can work on it.

I might of mentioned before that I knitted a bubbles shawl in 8-ply, but accidentally used 5mm needles? The original pattern calls for 4ply on 5.5mm needles, which would possible be ok if I was knitting a  square, but this is knitted flat, and once completed you seam it up to become a circular shawl.

My disaster Shawl, I just wanted to cry. We were trying to work out how to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, working out how to salvage a very off shaped blanket. We discussed knitting a section to be sewn in, which would make it flat, but ultimately, into the cupboard it went, destined to emerge once the disappointment and hurt was gone.


every few weeks a suggestion was made. A scarf was commonly mentioned, and that was the best idea. We frogged the bottom part where I did the increases, and kept the border and edging. Now I have a massive scarf. It is so long that if I just loop it over the back of my neck, it almost reaches the ground on both ends.


I wonder if I have enough yarn to make a blanket like I originally wanted?

Have a great day,

Lots of love,


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