One year of blogging

Today a notification popped up that I started my blog a year ago. I had thought It was aver a year ago, but in my mind I went over all that has happened in the past year. As I write this I am once again Ill, this time with Asthma and Laryngitis, and Squeak is once again ill, She has had a recurring chest infection and possibly Asthma. we are waiting for notification of our appointment at the Childrens Hospital to see a respiratory pediatrician, as our GP is concerned as she is still ill, and has had a bit of a cough for over a year.

With the return to working part-time, I have less time for knitting than I did. I am still loving my knitting, and I still have a big problem with starting a project then pausing halfway to start another project. Hence a beautiful camel-coloured cardigan for Squeak that is langishing on the needles. It is very time-consuming with cables, half-fishermans rib, and a collar. It got put aside for an easy knit of a slash-knit jumper. very easy as the front and back are the same, rib at the bottom, no armhole shaping, then rib at the top and a small amount of shoulder shaping.The only problem is that the yarn is another of those multocolour ones, an apricot mix. It is pooling oddly and I fear it looks loke camouflage fabric.  I have some pretty pastel yarn to do another but put a pattern into it.

Squeak is now a big girl in a single (twin) bed so my Mum offered to crochet a blanket (or maybe two) for her big-girl bed. I am letting Mum decide wether to crochet a wool eater or a chevron blanket. Mum loves crocheting and loves the versatility, and is very quick and makes beautiful blankets. Squeak loves her Gran blankets, and she will be very thrilled by a rainbow blanky.

I will update with the individual projects soon, There are now a few in progress. I have to resist going near my yarn stash, as I have to resist the urge to start a new project. I do also have to shy away from multicolour yarns as well. The only problem is that they look soooo sweet on the shelf. It’s the middle of winter, so we don’t get a lot of time outside, and it’s nice to cuddle up on the couch in the evenings, and knit.

have a great day


MummyMopar xxx


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