Laptop, desktop, console, tablet?

We had decided a few weeks ago that it was time to start thinking about replacing my laptop. I have had the Asus T100 for almost 2 years now and most of the time it hasn’t been the ideal item. I thought it would be good as it could be used as a tablet, and portable as it’s a 10inch laptop. In real life, the connector between the tablet and detachable keyboard kept connecting then disconnecting which was very annoying. It ran slow doing some tasks, and every time I tried to stream a video off the web onto our chromecast the system locked up. 

We thought we had a bit of time to work out what we want, and do our research. Unfortunately we now have a cracked screen, but it is still usable. It happened because I had left the charging cable plugged into it and sat it on a table. A jacket or two was piled on top. Somehow I grabbed the cord, and pulled the laptop out, landing on the floor, corner first. When I opened it, there was a lovely crack in the corner.

It is as usable as it was, however we do need to replace it. There is now big decisions as I feel I made the wrong decision by picking the transformer tablet, and if I think long and hard, I am crossing the tablet off the list.

So my list of what I need

  • Stream Internet to tv
  • Write blog posts
  • I am considering studying to increase job prospects, so able to be used for study

Although we were leaning towards a laptop, it would cost a lot to make sure the streaming of the Internet would work successfully. I have had a bit of a battle to keep squeak away from the laptop so far, and I’m worried she might damage it if I bought a decent one. We are now seriously leaning towards a used PlayStation 3 as a media centre, and a good desktop to do the rest.

A used PlayStation is under $150 and has a 3 month warranty, and will do the streaming I want. I can run Freeview tv, and streaming services like Netflix, and Stan easily. Also, i think they may play blu-rays, which we can’t do on our current setup. 

By choosing a desktop over a laptop, we should get more for our money, and the ability to repair or replace components if something goes wrong, also it is less likely to be damaged as its not within easy reach of little fingers.

Do you think it’s the best decision

Lots of love,

MummyMopar xxxooo

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