Finished Feathers!!

My Feathers blanket for Squeak is finished!! I finished it late friday night. It had been languishing in my pile of things to finish later, along with the persille pullover. I tend to put off sewing up, and blocking, and finishing, sometimes til the clothes are too small for the recipient. Then I forget about them, so I must get them out to finish them off

I posted HERE about knitting the blanket, it was while I was knitting the persille pullover. I must finish that off soon, I am sure Squeak would love to wear it.

The blanket was almost finished, All I had to do is sew up the diagonal seams on the border (not the edging) which was to be sewn up in herringbone stitch. I had to google how to do this, but I think it came out nice. It is a 4-ply cotton, Heirloom brand. I heard a rumour it is from Bendigo Woolen Mills, but it hasn’t been confirmed. I love the woolen mill, I could spend a small fortune in there.


Hopefully I can get the persille pullover sewn up soon, I don’t enjoy sewing up, but I would like to reduce the amount of unfinished projects, You could say it is one of my new year’s resolutions. My yarn stash is very tempting, but technically I have 4 blankets being knitted. I would love to knit up a few nice cardigans for Squeak, she loves them, and she looks so sweet in them. So I must finish some items so I can cast on new ones.

Are you making any changes for the new year?

Lots of love,



Pyjamas and a peasant dress!!

I finally finished the xmas pyjamas for Squeak, I finished them on xmas eve! I did cut it a little short, but I did make a peasant dress of the same fabric when I should have been working on the pyjamas.

Here’s a link to the site I found the pattern on, I LOVED it!!! there was a few variations I could of made, short or long sleeves, different necklines, and even the option of a shirred bodice. I was sooo tempted to dig up some bobbin elastic to make that one.



It looks better on. the sleeves puff out so beautifully!

Squeak wore it to the extended family xmas, and she happily wore it all day. The light cotton was great as it was a warm day, 30C degrees, possibly up to 35C degrees. (85 to 95 farenheit). It was a warm day, a lot of the other kids stripped down to their nappies (diapers) and singlets.

Squeak’s pyjamas came up well, the top was a lot more fiddly than I thought. Gathers, and the yoke took more time than I had estimated.

Here they are, fresh out of the wash, and needing a good iron.


The ruffle at the bottom of the leg is cute, but for the next pair I will just make it like the sleeves, it will save fabric, and save a lot of time instead of gathering the ruffle, and sewing it in place. I think the sleeves are gorgeous. The yoke is pretty. I used press studs instead of buttons for the back opening. I think this will be gorgeous in a simple print. It always takes a lot longer the first time you make something from a pattern. I am used to flat fabric, an making quilts,but making garments is a whole new ballgame to me. It is something I am enjoying though.

I will have to update soon on the 8-ply bubbles blanket, and show off the progress on the green fern blanket, and the new 4-ply feathersoft knitted blanket for Squeak. I know I have too many unfinished projects, but Squeak opened the drawer I keep my knitting in, broke open the band on the ball, and snuggled up to it. How could I resist making her something with it.

Have you sarted a new xmas tradition?

Lots of love,

MummyMopar xxx



Ribbits, and crickets….

I started one of the baby blankets the other night, as two of my cousins are expecting babies in the next few months. I discussed colours with the first mummy due, and she is loving soft greens, as she is still deciding wether to have a surprise, or to find out the gender before bub is born. I bought some beautiful green 8-ply while I was out shopping. It is a thicker 8-ply, and I am using 6mm knitting needles. I couldn’t find my circular, so DaddyMopar called in at lincraft on his way home from work one day to buy one for me.


I am playing it by ear, so it might be 35 inches wide, could be 50. I started by picking a stitch pattern I liked, and assumed 5 stitches per inch, and about 40 inches wide. pattern repeat is 9 + multiples of 12, so 201 stitches. Oopsies. My tension is more like 4 stitches per inch. I decided after about 20cm (8 inches) I wanted a 6 stitch edging of moss stitch, as I thought I couldn’t find a nice edging to go with it, and most are too fussy, I wanted the emphasis on the fern stitch in the middle. Commence Frogging. You ribbit out. With fern stitch each diamond starts with 1 stitch, and you increase, then decrease. It wasn’t as simple as dropping 6 stitches, then re-knitting them. No no no, I ended up dropping about 30, then re-doing them.

Once I had my 6 moss stitch border in place, I noticed a big boo-boo. I skipped a row of the pattern repeat. I then had to go back about 20 or 30 rows to do the correct pattern.

I now have 7 stitches of moss stitch at each end, and I just measured, it is 16cm long. It is beautiful, and a pleasure to knit.


As for the cricket…

There is a cricket loose in my kitchen, and he keeps chirping….

Lots of love,



I Hate Shopping!!

I don’t like shopping. I don’t like crowds, or shop assistants, or finding what shop has the best price.

I am going to have to go shopping. This weekend, maybe even tomorrow. My trusty faithful 5 year-old Asus laptop is beyond the blink. It will only run on the charging cable, and if you unplug it, it switches off. The other problem is that the charging plug is a bit loose where it plugs in the laptop, so any sudden moves and it switches off. Now add in that during startup you have to hold the plug in where it plugs in at a precise angle, or it switches off, and can’t be switched on for about an hour, and it’s very frustrating.

I HAVE to go shopping, for my sanity. I don’t have a desktop pc, only an iphone. So I think I’m getting an Asus T100 transformer. It looks like it will do what I need it to do, and should work well enough if I decide to go back to studying. It runs full windows, and has a detatchable keyboard. A mini laptop that can be a tablet!

I will update soon enough about the knitting machine, how wonderful it is, and how lucky it is that there are youtube tutorials, as I spent 3 days trying to get it to knit, and this was after an hour-long lesson. The E-wrap cast on is very difficult.

I will likely be making flannellette pyjamas for Squeak in the next few days. It is spring in Australia, and Squeak just outgrew her size 1 stretch suits, and she doesnt like wearing them, it’s easier to switch to pyjamas, but I can only find one shop that sells them, and only 3 colours, so I am seriously considering making some. If I buy a pattern then I can make all different sizes as she needs them. I can make them with the fabric I want to use, and avoid overpriced TV tie-in merchandise.

In other news, Squeak has given up bottles, on monday morning I offered her morning bottle, and she refused, I offered the milk in a sippy cup and she accepted. So I am packing up most of the bottles, and now I have to source a few more sippy cups. I have tried the local supermarkets, but they don’t have the sippys she likes. They are cheap ‘take and toss’ and cost only a few dollars for 6 of them. They won’t last forever, but it isn’t a big deal if they go missing, or get left somewhere, as they are so inexpensive to replace.

Squeak is also cutting another tooth, so we have some very odd sleeping patterns lately. We finally felt the tooth this afternoon, and it was a relief to know that it is a tooth, and there is a reason she has been irritable, and she hasnt been sleeping as well as normal, lots of tossing and turning. It is really hard to not be able to fix everything for her, I hate to see her unhappy and in discomfort.

I better get to bed, it is waaay to late.

Lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x


Let’s add a knitting machine to the collection

Just over a year ago, there was a knitting machine for sale in the local op shop. I considered it, but wanted to do more research. When I went back, it had been sold. Since then I have wanted a knitting machine of my own.

On sunday night, I was on Ebay, just browsing, when I saw a nice machine, only about an hour away. It has the ribber, recently serviced, and a one-hour lesson included. It was buy-it-now. I clicked to buy, I have let too many machines get away from me the past year.

Tomorrow I will pick up my new toy, and maybe I will finally knit something for myself! DaddyMopar thinks maybe I could knit some things to sell. That’s a possibility! I am very excited to pick up my new toy!

It has been a very long week, as DaddyMopar worked late most nights this week. Squeak and I ate dinner without him most nights, luckily he was home for family dinner tonight, Squeak was sooo happy to have him at the dinner table, she was all smiles. She has missed him all week, so we need some family time this weekend. I baked an egg and bacon pie for dinner, their favorite.

Today I went to the local fruit shop, it always has such nice, fresh produce, I can’t help but go a bit overboard. I bought 4 shopping bags worth, but to be fair, there was milk, bread and orange juice in there, so that’s a bag and a half. The orange juice is fresh squeezed, when Squeak was on the way I had to limit how much I drank, it was so tasty and refreshing during summer.

I bought all the ingredients for homemade sausage rolls, my backup lunch for Squeak. I can make the filling easily in the bellini. I normally use store-bought puff pastry, but I am considering making my own, as I dont like how flaky the pastry gets, so maybe I should try a ‘rough puff’ pastry which is less flaky. I will have to do some research.

I am also tempted to do a ‘Miffy’ quilt for Squeak, she loves the bunny. We went to the library today and got 3 ‘Miffy’ books, so I have lots of inspiration. Now all I need is time, and motivation, which will probably be used up by the knitting machine.

Have you used a knitting machine?

Lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x


Pressure cooker, number two!

I already own a stovetop pressure cooker, but I have been wanting an electric one for quite a while. We bought one for a family member at christmas, and I have wanted one since. It will also slow cook, and cook rice. I love the idea of replacing our 2 slow cookers, and the rice cooker with the one appliance. I can’t part with my pressure cooker. I use it to steam puddings at christmas, among other numerous uses. Now I will be able to steam two puddings at once. Don’t laugh, I usually make three or four. Pudding is better than christmas cake, and I have DaddyMopar’s Nan’s secret recipe, and I made the pudding for the family celebration last year. It’s quicker to steam in the pressure cooker than to steam in a big saucepan. Also, I’m in Australia, so christmas is in summer, steaming a pudding for 1 hour in a pressure cooker makes a lot less mess and heat than a big, steaming saucepan on a hot, hot summer day.

On sunday we had to go to the hardware shop to buy parts to extend a babygate for our hallway, as we forgot to measure the distance, and took a guess. We had to buy extenders to make it wider, so I asked DaddyMopar about an electric multicooker, as they are advertised. At christmas there was 3 or 4 different brands, but when I went into Target, they only had the Ronson.

My Aunt bought a multicooker off an online store, and loves hers. I hear all about desserts, risottos, and other tasty meals she creates. I wanted one!

It will take a bit to get used to, but I love how it doesnt require as much attention as a stovetop model, where you have to make sure the heat isn’t to high, or low, and also setting the oven timer. I have to be prepared to drop what I’m doing if Squeak needs me, and I think appliances that turn themselves off is a good start.

I have cooked a casserole in it, and am very happy. I am considering cooking a potroast in it tomorrow night. I also wonder if I should cook a dessert in it as well?

I wonder if I can give away the rice cooker yet?

Lots of love,



Stripey Pullover

Squeak’s persille jumper needs to be blocked, sewn up, and the neckband knitted. I haven’t felt up to doing it, so I have been looking for my next project. I spent a few days at loose end, between projects. That is not a good thing. Finally decided something plain would be nice. I have knitted it before, but I loooovvve the V-neck, and no buttons or zips!!!!


It looks really good in a nice colour, I don’t think the orange does it justice.


I love the teal colour, but I knitted a size 2, and its a bit big. I will knit a size 1. The stripe is a Kmart homebrand yarn, similar to patons big baby, so hopefully it wears well. The teal is a lincraft own brand, and I wish it was wearing a bit better, it is a bit ball-y.

Recently Updated1

I found this 8-ply self stripe yarn in my stash, and thought it might be nice. Now that I’ve started I have a few qualms, but it could work out good. I have started to do it in one piece, on a circular needle (my favorite). My piece is 142 stitches. The stripes are almost perfect, with oly about 1-5 stitches overlapping per round. I am not sure if I want to continue this way, as when it’s time for armhole shaping, the stripes will go haywire if I don’t make some modifications. I’m thinking after the rib, I will work the front and back seperately or it will be too messy. I didn’t think of these things before I cast on, but I want it to look good.

You may be asking why I knit a lot of jumpers. I have always wanted Squeak to have pretty clothes, and I love the hand-made look of knitwear. I don’t want her to grow up too fast, and some clothes look too grown up.

I prefer 8-ply as it is quicker to knit, and has more colour options. In Australia, we mainly have 4-ply (fingering), 5-ply (sport) and 8-ply (DK). It is really hard to get 10-ply (worsted or aran). I’m led to believe 10-ply is very popular in the US, as a lot of pattern books from my local library have mainly 10-ply patterns. I tried to find some yarn recently, and in Lincraft (a craft store chain) online had one option in 10-ply. It was rainbow variegated. Bendigo Woolen Mills also had 10-ply, but only in a handful of colours, not the full range that 4 & 8-ply have.

Random Fact: I have never knitted anything that I can wear myself!! I didn’t knit oten before I had Squeak, as I preferred crochet. But a little knitted baby jacket is the cutest thing ever!!

Do you like to knit with self-stripe?

Lots of love,