Top 5 Thursday?

I thought I would do a top 10 sometimes, as I love the book of lists, and David Letterman’s top 10. Today I can only do a top 5 tho as I hurt my typing finger on my right hand peeling potatoes for chips for my lunch. No major damage and I only need a bandaid, It just hurts quite a bit.

Here’s MummyMopar’s Top Five TV shows she secretly loves but is embarassed to admit to loving:

How clean is your house? Two middle aged british women come into houses so disgusting there’s dust bunnies the size of tigers. They clean, and the viewers feel good that their house isn’t that bad. It has a happy ending, unlike Hoarders, as the hosts visit later to make sure the house is kept clean.

Judge Judy. I can’t believe how many people sue their family, and what people sue each other for. This tends to be on during naptime, so if I am tidying the kitchen I can watch this in the background.

Degrassi Jr High / Degrassi High – The 80s, Canada. The zit remedy singing ‘everybody wants something’. Drama, and teen dilemmas. and all with funny canadian accents. I watched it as a kid, and now it’s so corny I can’t help but love it.

19 kids and counting – An american family with 19 kids, somewhat religious but very sheltered. I got sucked in years ago and since I had my daughter I sometimes watch an episode or two to catch up on the lives of these unique but unusual family. Did I mention all 19 kids names start with J?

The Bold and the Beautiful – sometimes I can only watch it once a week, but it’s not like a lot has happened in that time. Drama galore! The Steffy and Hope fighting over Liam, Liam and Wyatt fighting over Hope, It’s almost embarassing to admit to watching, but it has me hooked.

What TV shows do you secretly love? let me know

Lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x


Who’s Who in the Zoo??

I should probably introduce my Family. Being a stay at home mum means that I am almost constantly with my 14 month old daughter. We will call her Squeak as thats her nickname. She got that nickname at about 4 months old as she made a cute little squeaking noise. I’m hoping to protect her privacy a bit, so I am unlikely to post photos of her. Daddymopar, my wonderful partner is agreeing with this.

Squeak is almost 15 months old, and is almost walking. She is happy to crawl and pull herself up on furniture. She will walk if we hold both her hands. She is full of boundless energy, and it is a pleasure and honour to be her mum, and share the journey of her development.

Daddymopar is my partner, We have been together 4 years and it feels like a match made in heaven. We seem to complement each other well. He makes me laugh, and I feel so lucky to have met him, and to be able to spend our lives together.

We live in central victoria, Australia, about halfway between Melbourne and Bendigo. Squeak was born in Bendigo, as we had friends there, and as we were advised to go to a larger hospital as Squeak is my first baby.

Today we met a friend for coffee at the local milk bar, Squeak attempted to eat a sausage roll. We did pick up almost half off the floor under the highchair. But success!!! She ate a decent amount for lunch! We also discussed our plans to make tomato sauce very soon. I will try to post pics when we do, as it could be hilarious. My cooking can be hit or miss. We keep some frozen chicken schnitzels and freezer veggies as a backup. We haven’t had to use them in the last month so we are succeeding and possibly my cooking skills are improving. Maybe. Just maybe…..

I best go, as its getting late and almost time to stoke up the wood fire for the night, then attempt a good nights sleep.

Lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x


Oh Look, someone created a new blog…. how original!!

Yep, I threw my hat over that proverbial fence and created that blog I’ve been threatening to create for years. “It’s time for an adventure, Where should we go??” Yes, I’m quoting my 14 month old daughter’s fisher price talking bear. I would do a lameness poll but that is beyond my capabilities at the moment. I think quite a bit every day, It is an attempt to keep sane through mini tantrums my daughter throws over things like me not letting her play with the ‘fun toys’ like the iphone, my glasses, my keys, the tv remote and Daddy’s car magazines.

 I felt this blog may be good as I’m at a crossroads in my life. I feel I have settled into parenting. Its not a walk in the park, but I’m enjoying each day and rising to the unique challenges of parenting in this day and age, while being a ‘black sheep’; a misfit in the big bad world.

I will probably talk about my dilemmas, my hobbies, and my life. Also will be food. Food is a big component as an adult with severe food allergies, and a drive to reduce additives and processed food. We have recently purchased a Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master, and a Philips Air Fryer so they might be discussed frequently.

Please stay tuned, as this might well be an interesting read, I love reading blogs as it is an insight into people’s minds and can be enlightening.

I will post more soon,

lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x