Green fern blanket update

I have been slowly working away at the massive fern blanket, The one where I assumed 5 stitches per inch, and it was more like 4. Over 201 stitches that makes a massive difference to the width. When I started I wrote about it in Ribbits, and crickets

I have decided it can’t be square, or it will be too big for a baby blanket. I think I am almost finished the centre, or maybe a few more pattern repeats. I will then finish off with the moss stitch border,  and then I have to pick up the cast on stitches as I hadn’t decided on the border when I cast on.

Can you see a problem?


Today I decided to take a few photos to put the project in perspective. It is a nice sunny day, so outside for some photos. As I was carrying it out I thought maybe I could see the different shades from different balls. In the photos it’s clear. I’m not happy, but there isn’t anything I can do now. I just won’t buy that brand of yarn again. I am a bit disappointed as I have put a lot of effort in, and this does spoil the final effect quite a lot. It is still a comfy, warm blanket though.

I also have a few more projects on the go, and a few small ones finished. I have made a toy owl for Squeak, She loves it and named it ‘Nin’. I bought the fabric as a ‘bunting and stuffie set’, so I will also likely do a bunting, or use it in a quilt later in the year. It was quick to make, just put them right sides facing, then stitch around the outside. fill with stuffing, then handstitch the opening closed.



I am in the process of hand-stitching a fish, as my sewing machine needs servicing, and I don’t want to risk any damage by using it. I do have my Nanna’s singer 201k from the 50’s as well, but I’m having tension problems, and a lack of time to concentrate and work out what is causing it.

Here is the link to the pattern I am using, I am very excited as it is a sweet looking fish!


I’m intending to do a 2014 wrap-up soon, I know it is a little late, and the year is flying by. 2015 is delivering some amazing opportunities, it feels like a bit of a fresh start in some aspects of my life, which is refreshing.

How is your year so far?

Lots of love,



Finished Feathers!!

My Feathers blanket for Squeak is finished!! I finished it late friday night. It had been languishing in my pile of things to finish later, along with the persille pullover. I tend to put off sewing up, and blocking, and finishing, sometimes til the clothes are too small for the recipient. Then I forget about them, so I must get them out to finish them off

I posted HERE about knitting the blanket, it was while I was knitting the persille pullover. I must finish that off soon, I am sure Squeak would love to wear it.

The blanket was almost finished, All I had to do is sew up the diagonal seams on the border (not the edging) which was to be sewn up in herringbone stitch. I had to google how to do this, but I think it came out nice. It is a 4-ply cotton, Heirloom brand. I heard a rumour it is from Bendigo Woolen Mills, but it hasn’t been confirmed. I love the woolen mill, I could spend a small fortune in there.


Hopefully I can get the persille pullover sewn up soon, I don’t enjoy sewing up, but I would like to reduce the amount of unfinished projects, You could say it is one of my new year’s resolutions. My yarn stash is very tempting, but technically I have 4 blankets being knitted. I would love to knit up a few nice cardigans for Squeak, she loves them, and she looks so sweet in them. So I must finish some items so I can cast on new ones.

Are you making any changes for the new year?

Lots of love,



Bubbles, Feathers and Sleeves

I am up to the sleeves on the persille jumper, and I am knitting both at once. I have completed the increases, and now I just need to keep knitting until I reach the desired length. Then it’s a few rows of binding off, then its on to some sewing up, so I can knit the neckband. I am not a big fan of sewing up, and I tend to put it off, sometimes for weeks. One of Squeak’s cardigans was almost too small when I finally completed it, so I try to finish as soon as possible so Squeak doesn’t miss out.

I decided I had to finish Squeak’s Feathers shawl/blanket. Squeak loved her Bubbles blanket, which is a round feather and fan shawl, knitted in 4 ply cotton. I picked up the pattern book at an op shop a few years ago, and knitted it on a whim before Squeak was born. When my Mum first met Squeak, she was swaddled in her Bubbles blanket, and Mum told me she had one like it as a bub, it was lent from a friend and she was so happy Squeak had one similar.

Once Squeak grew out of being swaddled in the blanket and started sleeping in her cot, I started searching for a square version of the pattern. I found this one in patons knitting book 216. I knitted it in Heirloom Organic cotton 4 ply.

Recently Updated

I just have to sew it up, I am getting very excited!! It was harder to knit than the feathers. It was knitted as a diamond, increasing then decreasing stitches. Once the centre is finished, the loops on the edge are picked up, and knitted out in a wedge. It was more challenging than my normal knit, but I was up for the challenge.

I am hoping to have it finished soon, I am hoping to have an evening to sew up the corner seams, I want to get it right, so I don’t want to rush it.

Do you have many unfinished projects?

Lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x