Self-stripe Pullover

Earlier this week I started a pullover for Squeak here.

I had just finished the rib at the bottom, knitted in the round. I contemplated knitting the body in the round, but I thought it would lead to a funny effect on the sleeves.


As you can see the stripe is just less than 2 rows, so if I knitted in the round I would have a new colour every row, which would either change when I divide for armholes, or be wasteful as I would need to cut the thread after every row to keep the self-stripe correct. I like the look of the 2-3 row stripe, and at most it would be 4 rows on the sleeves. I also get a bit bored with knitting in the round for a long time.

You may also notice the pattern is for a purl5,knit1 rib, but the purl looked funny with the different colours. I thought it looked inside out. It will still fit the same, as the rib was just to look nice.

The back is finished, with 23 stitches set aside for the neckband, and only a few rows until I begin the armhole shaping on the front. I am enjoying this knit as it is very simple, but enjoyable as i love watching the yarn and trying to guess when the colour change is!

Do you love the simple knits at times?

Lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x


Bubbles, Feathers and Sleeves

I am up to the sleeves on the persille jumper, and I am knitting both at once. I have completed the increases, and now I just need to keep knitting until I reach the desired length. Then it’s a few rows of binding off, then its on to some sewing up, so I can knit the neckband. I am not a big fan of sewing up, and I tend to put it off, sometimes for weeks. One of Squeak’s cardigans was almost too small when I finally completed it, so I try to finish as soon as possible so Squeak doesn’t miss out.

I decided I had to finish Squeak’s Feathers shawl/blanket. Squeak loved her Bubbles blanket, which is a round feather and fan shawl, knitted in 4 ply cotton. I picked up the pattern book at an op shop a few years ago, and knitted it on a whim before Squeak was born. When my Mum first met Squeak, she was swaddled in her Bubbles blanket, and Mum told me she had one like it as a bub, it was lent from a friend and she was so happy Squeak had one similar.

Once Squeak grew out of being swaddled in the blanket and started sleeping in her cot, I started searching for a square version of the pattern. I found this one in patons knitting book 216. I knitted it in Heirloom Organic cotton 4 ply.

Recently Updated

I just have to sew it up, I am getting very excited!! It was harder to knit than the feathers. It was knitted as a diamond, increasing then decreasing stitches. Once the centre is finished, the loops on the edge are picked up, and knitted out in a wedge. It was more challenging than my normal knit, but I was up for the challenge.

I am hoping to have it finished soon, I am hoping to have an evening to sew up the corner seams, I want to get it right, so I don’t want to rush it.

Do you have many unfinished projects?

Lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x


Yummy yummy banana bread!

Last night I stayed up waaay too late to make banana bread. DaddyMopar takes his lunch every day, and with the possibility of no shops nearby as he is a tradie, I try to make tasty lunchbox treats to stop him going and buying his morning tea.

I should bake up a storm and freeze a few varieties of cupcakes and slices, but I haven’t had the time, or researched freezing. Also, DaddyMopar needs to tell me what he likes in his lunchbox. This weekend I will try to make a few things for the freezer, as baking every second night is tiring, especially as I’m doing it after Squeak goes to bed, so I’m up til 2 or 3 in the morning to get everything done.


DaddyMopar Loves it!!

It is supposed to have brown sugar, but I ran out, so I used a combination of white sugar, and golden syrup. DaddyMopar couldn’t tell the difference, and Squeak loved her afternoon snack. Hopefully I will be able to freeze a few slices for another day

Squeak’s persille jumper is coming along nicely, I will hopefully be finished by late next week. The pattern panel is easy to do now as I’ve memorised it so I can sit and mindlessly knit if I get a chance. I can also easily knit this while watching TV.


I am now at the decreasing for where the sleeves will inset, in a few rows the shaping is finished for a while. I might have the front finished tomorrow if I’m lucky. Next I will knit the sleeves, and I am considering knitting both at the same time. I haven’t done it before, but I think it will work well to make sure they are the same length. Also, I tend to get bored by the second sleeve, and sometimes a project will sit for a few weeks before I finish it.

I have also been looking at doll dresses for Squeak’s dolly Deedee, as I want her to have nice outfits. I should be able to knit something up quickly, so maybe a few outfits as it’s nice to have variety.

Any ideas on dolly dresses?

Lots of love,



Knitting, kneading and a finished quilt!!

I finished Squeak’s quilt!! I think I have to wash it tho.


I am very happy with it, now to work out my next quilt. It’s hard to decide what to do next, but I think I must do a dresden plate, as DaddyMopar bought me an easydresden template a few months ago. It makes dresdens soooo simple, and there are a few random dresdens floating round our house that I’ve practised on.

I bought a box of bread mix last week, as I have had bad results with my dough making. I have ended up with under-risen dough, which is frustrating. Today I made the dough, doing the kneading in my bellini, the mix was as big as the machine is supposed to handle. The instructions with the bellini say to knead 1min on speed 6, then on speed 1 for a bit. That doesn’t knead properly so I started on speed 6, but then speed 4 for a few minutes and beautifully kneaded dough! I let it rise in a bowl on the stovetop, the vent from the oven provided decent heat to rise nicely. I was making home-made sausage rolls, so I had the oven going which made the rising easy.


DaddyMopar is having sandwiches made with the bread for lunch tomorrow. It tastes beautiful, but is a bit difficult to slice. Next time I will make a lower loaf, of rolls. I might start making bread and yeast products more often.

Squeak’s persille jumper is coming along nicely, I want to knit a lot now. I have finished the back, and I’ve started on the front. I am still on the first 50g ball, so I might only need 2, maybe a bit of a 3rd. I bought 4 to have enough, but I will have leftovers! Maybe Squeak’s dolly will get a pretty new purple dress soon enough!


I love the pattern in it, It isn’t as complicated as it looks!

Do you know how to slice home-baked bread?

lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x


Cottons and Socks, maybe a wool-wool?

After running out of thread last night I desperately wanted to get more and continue with Squeak’s quilt. We were also running low on her socks, as most kids take their socks off, and often. I have a collection of odd socks and not many actual pairs. I went into town to go to Lincraft, and Target.

We started at Lincraft as I was not going home without that thread. I have found a pattern I wanted to knit for Squeak, it’s in 4 ply and I have been using 8 ply for the last few months, so I didn’t have any yarn from my stash in mind. Something caught my eye


Yes, 4 ply cotton in a beautiful purple colour. Here is a link to theĀ pattern in Ravelry I have wanted to do, and have just started, as I couldn’t start quilting til later in the evening. In Lincraft Squeak wanted to hold the Wool-Wool as we call it, and looked after a ball for the entire shopping trip. Her eyes light up every time she sees a fresh ball of wool, and loves feeling it, and holding it up to her upper lip under her nose. She also does the same to small remnants of wool as well. She loves her wool-wools.

With the pattern, I am winging it a bit, as I am using 3.25mm needles, instead of the 3mm. UsingĀ  cotton will affect the tension as it doesn’t have a lot of stretch, but a lovely drape. I have made a few shawls in cotton before, and Squeak’s favorite blanket is made in cotton, so I love knitting with it. Hopefully my tension won’t be too different from the pattern.

Nice stitch markers eh? I use little pieces of drinking straw every 20 stitches

After we went to Lincraft we went to Target and bought socks. There were 10 packs, so I got 3. Hopefully they won’t all go missing for a few weeks, and as they are the same 10 colours in each pack then I will have less odd socks for a while hopefully. I find socks everywhere.

With the quilt, I now have the bobbins wound and the machine threaded, and I’m on track to have the quilt close to finished by the end of the weekend. The most time consuming task is hand finishing the binding, that could take an evening or two. I hope to be at that stage by the end of the weekend.

As I was quilting this evening, I realised I had made a lot of work for myself by quilting every 2 inches, instead of every 3 inches. It would of looked just as effective, and saved a lot of work. Maybe next time.

Do you find socks everywhere?

lots of love,

MummyMopar x x x